Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mission Statement

The mission of my blog, Doodle or Die, is to offer readers (if you're out there) amusement in my struggle to use my English major and my Art minor. Yes, when my parents asked, "What do you do with an English major? Should you have something else as a backup?" I was the kid who answered, "Oh don't you worry, mom and dad! I'm gonna get a minor in Art as well!"

Don't be mistaken, though (especially my fellow English/Arties) my heart beats in a painfully optimistic way despite my sardonic flashes--it's just the language setting default for my generation. The world belongs to those who do what they love, right? Right. Though...I could still end up in a spiral of crippling poverty with only the company of feral squirrels to keep my last strand of humanity intact. If that's the case, well.... The dirty corners of America's streets belong to those who do what they love, right? Right.

Ever since I can remember, words and doodles have oozed out of me. I've gotten to the point where I can't write without drawing and I can't draw without writing. I'd like to use this blog to also reclaim some integrity for illustrations. Pictures are a language deserving to be read just as much as any text. The graphic novel is on the rise and I'm excited to see a day when the inclusion of illustration doesn't mean something is intended just for children or it's some sort of instruction manual.

Above is a glimpse from the beginning of my journey. I did this in preschool and I've gotten better....arguably.

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