Monday, February 22, 2010

Macbeth + Cosmo

Macbeth was the name of the game today in class. So many questions! Is it fate? Self-fulfilling prophecy? What does it mean to be a man in Macbeth? Unsexing? All valid and intereting points of discussion, though clearly, most readers of this play are left wondering "What would Macbeth reading the horoscope be like?" I think it would turn into a horrorscope, myself. Here's my Macbeth doodle.

We also got into the interesting topic of codpieces--a fashion wonder that has gone by the wayside for the most part. The male Wonderbra, yes? I'm not done musing on that. There just might have to be some sort of codpiece ad. Some would get up to two feet long! Jewel-encrusted, and decorated in a way to identify one's political or religious affiliations. People got pissy when Obama didn't have an American flag pin. Where was the outrage when he was lacking a codpiece covered in red, white, and blue rhinstones?


  1. You make valid points yourself. as fo the cod-pice ad? DO WANT. Lol. that'd be funny. Nice doodle. :3

  2. I've had a rather saucy friend offer to be the codpiece model. I love him but I might have to pass.

    I'm sure they appear at certain bars and dance clubs....but time to take them mainstream again, right? Right.