Sunday, February 21, 2010


I've recently read Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. She's the same person who brought us "The Yellow Wallpaper" in case you're not familiar with the name. It's from 1915 and a great read. Three men come across a world inhabited only by women. Now you're probably thinking this story could only go two ways. 1) It's the intro to a bad porno. 2) It's a man-bashing, penis-hating, Y chromosome-loathing festival.

It's neither, so go read! Whenever I read something, I draw. The characters, settings, anything. This is what I've done here. It's from a moment early on in the book when the men, Van, Terry, and Jeff, are discussing what they think this world of women holds. I would like to point out that Motley Crue, the 80's metal band, and singers of "Girls, Girls, Girls" owe something to Gilman. Terry sees a world of "Girls and Girls and Girls," in Herland. Funny, right? So the next time you're at a party and someone says "There is absolutely no connection between 1980's hair metal and feminist literature of the early twentieth century," (which most likely, someone will-it's a pretty hot topic) you can pull out this little nugget of knowledge and wow people.
Terry turned out looking a little like Burt Reynolds or something. That kinda works.


  1. I think you have gotten a bit better! I wish I could draw. I always see the images in my head when I read things, but I'm no good at getting that image out.

  2. If you can ever find the time, take an art class. I've never experienced a more supportive atmostphere than in the art classes I've taken--and they always have people coming with every level of skill. There are always people worried about not having inherit talent, or whatever, but they're always pleasantly surprised at what they're capable of.

    Also, if you're into looking at naked, middle-aged people of all walks of life, figure drawing classes are for you.

  3. I'm SOOO glad you decided to blog!!!! I can't wait to follow it!