Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two more pieces

The first pictures are of a little side table that used to live in my dorm between two couches. It was navy blue with exposed wood on the table top. Sadly, it had suffered a lot of wear and tear, leaving it with stains and chipped paint.
I was inspired by all the groovy stuff I love at Target but can't buy. I hand drew roses and then created stencils for them. I quite like it now. I was going for pretty and chic, so hopefully I've accomplished that.
This second piece is a favorite of mine. Clearly, I love the UK and especially London and that love came out all over this trunk. I found it at a Goodwill for 5 dollars. It came with this really ugly, 80's, teddy bear paper on it so I scraped that crap off right away.
Then I was left with a blank trunk and a lack of ideas. I was originally going to go with a grungy, dirty, punk look, but I opted for a more feminine, antiqued, victorian-chic look. The patterned paper is scrapbook paper and I printed the photos from my computer after coloring them so they look aged.

Furniture Art

I've re-taken up a hobby this summer. I love finding pieces of furniture at 2nd hand stores and making them into fun and unique pieces.

It's something I certainly would be interested in turning into a business of some kind.
This is a nightstand I did for my sister. Her room has Indian themed decor and she wanted a table to match. We found this 3 tiered table at a Goodwill for 5 dollars. It was white before, but now has a lot of colors.
I did this with acrylics and a gold paint pen. Everything is hand drawn and it's all sealed with polyeurathane. The pictures are varying views of the table and it's different levels.

Hipster Trek

The new movie looked like it took place in a flying Apple Store in space. That's not a bad thing, but I think it definitely appeals to the hipsters.