Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two more pieces

The first pictures are of a little side table that used to live in my dorm between two couches. It was navy blue with exposed wood on the table top. Sadly, it had suffered a lot of wear and tear, leaving it with stains and chipped paint.
I was inspired by all the groovy stuff I love at Target but can't buy. I hand drew roses and then created stencils for them. I quite like it now. I was going for pretty and chic, so hopefully I've accomplished that.
This second piece is a favorite of mine. Clearly, I love the UK and especially London and that love came out all over this trunk. I found it at a Goodwill for 5 dollars. It came with this really ugly, 80's, teddy bear paper on it so I scraped that crap off right away.
Then I was left with a blank trunk and a lack of ideas. I was originally going to go with a grungy, dirty, punk look, but I opted for a more feminine, antiqued, victorian-chic look. The patterned paper is scrapbook paper and I printed the photos from my computer after coloring them so they look aged.

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  1. Also very awesome that trunk is super cool, and when I saw the table it automatically made me think of the new target line. No joke. BOther are lovely and each piece is so different, showing how versatile you are. :3 <3